Climate change mitigation and adaptation in the UK food system (Feb 2010 - Jan 2012)

This project builds upon tried and tested methods for exploring future energy supply and demand to develop scenarios incorporating climate change adaptation for a series of key food-based products. These products will be chosen to explore three major issues of importance: 

  • Their importance within the UK diet
  • Their very high emissions burden either currently or likely in the future
  • Their vulnerability to climate change impacts.

Through collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute, physical and social science expertise in mitigation and emission accounting from the Tyndall Centre and adaptation-related expertise from the Supergen Consortium and the Satake Centre for Grain Process Engineering involving Manchester University’s schools of SEAES, MACE and CEAS, this project will bring together a range of disciplines to ensure the results are not only quantitatively robust but also qualitatively consistent.  The aim of the project is to develop a series of scenarios relevant to the retail sector articulating pathways to alternative futures from both an adaptation and mitigation perspective.

Duration: Feb 2010 to Jan 2012

Funder: Sustainable Consumption Institute

Image Credit: "pepper and salt" by zuiko12 is licensed under CC BY NC SA 2.0

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