In 2015 David Cameron announced an opportunity to vote on the UK’s membership of the EU. EU’s policies address every aspect of environmental protection. Tyndall researchers co-led a review of the academic evidence. Containing 14 chapters and over 60,000 words, this impartial and authoritative analysis documented how the EU has affected UK environmental policy and what might change in the event of a vote to Leave the EU. Tyndall researchers fed their expertise into the parliamentary process. 

Before the referendum Professor Andrew Jordan served as an advisor to the Environmental Audit Committee in the House of Commons. In June 2016 the public voted to Leave the EU, raising profound questions about the future shape and direction of UK and EU policies. After the vote, Tyndall gave expert evidence to the EU Committee of the House of Lords. A body which will play a key role in scrutinizing the Government’s plans for Brexit. 

The referendum has set the UK on a completely different foreign policy direction.  It has created an unprecedented need for impartial academic evidence on the EU to ensure that Brexit does not imperil the decarbonisation transition.

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