Abiy Kebede

University of Southampton

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PhD Researcher

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Prof. Robert J. Nicholls

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Flood impacts and socio-economic losses have grown through the 20th century due to great expansion in exposure of assets: this is likely to continue through the 21st century, compounded by climate change and sea-level rise. Possible future changes and potential impacts have been assessed at a wide range of scales from local up to global with a variety of different modelling approaches and frameworks. However, there has been little systematic analysis of what flood models can be expected to resolve in terms of impacts and responses across these range of models at different scales. This research will explore this fundamental question by comparing the global DIVA model, the European CLIMSAVE model, the national Scottish CLIMSAVE model, and sub-national models as appropriate. The research will include development and model experiments using the DIVA and CLIMSAVE models. The results are expected to provide a more structured understanding of flood risk and responses across scales, as well as better models at regional scales.

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E-mail: ask2g08@soton.ac.uk

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University of Southampton, School of Civil Engineering and the Environment, Highfield Campus, SO17 1BJ Southampton, UK