David Mendoza Tinoco

University of East Anglia

Current Position
PhD Researcher

Thesis's Supervisor
Professor Dabo Guan and Dr Elissaios Papyrakis


My Thesis' Abstract
In last decades, extreme natural hazards have increased in intensity and frequency, and it is expected even a rise in the tendency. As consequence, disastrous and costly events are negatively affecting societies around the world where cities are especially affected.
Accurate and prompt information is crucial for adaptation and recovery after a disaster. The main aim of conducting this research is to contribute in a better understanding and estimation of the total 'footprint' of natural disasters, with special emphasis on knock-on effects from the high interconnectedness among economic sectors and regions.
The ultimate goal of this research is to develop a multi-regional Input Output model to estimate the total economic costs of natural disasters. This model will be built on to the basis of the Adaptive Regional Input Output.

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