Edward Byers

Newcastle University

Current Position
PhD Researcher.

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Thesis's Supervisor
Prof Jim Hall, Dr Jaime Amezaga.


My Thesis' Abstract
Ph.D:  Sustainable transition strategies for interdependent infrastructure futures. 
Main focus on the Water-Energy nexus.
My main research covers long term infrastructure transitions, with a focus on the water-energy nexus. Particular focus has been modelling the effect of drivers such as climate change, economy and demography on infrastructure performance. I am keen on quantifying cross-sector interdependencies, probabilistic risks of failure, but also identification of robust performance under uncertainty. 
This includes:
 - hydrological variability and risks to power station cooling in the UK
 - energy intensity of water supply options and adaptation
I also have a keen interest in the way socio-technological transitions can inform policy and regulatory frameworks to accommodate infrastructure in our rapidly evolving and complex society.
Based at the School of Civil Engineering & Geosciences, Newcastle University.
Supervisors: Dr Jaime Amezaga (Newcastle University)
Prof Jim Hall (University of Oxford)
School of Civil Engineering & Geosciences
Devonshire Building 3rd floor
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne
+44 (0) 191 246 4880
Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability

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