Felipe Colon

University of East Anglia

Current Position
Research Fellow.

Research Interests
Climate Change impacts on health, Climate Change Adaptation, Infectious disease modelling.

Duration of your PhD

Thesis's Supervisor
Iain R. Lake, Paul R. Hunter and Graham Bentham.

CONACYT (Mexico)

My Thesis' Abstract
My doctoral research focused on estimating the effects of weather on dengue incidence, and the potential impacts of climate change on future dengue risk using Mexico as a study case.

  • Colón-González FJ, Lake IR, and Bentham G (2011). Climate Variability and Dengue Fever in Warm and Humid Mexico; Am J Trop Med Hyg; 84(5): 757-763
  • Colón-González FJ, Fezzi C, Lake IR, and Hunter PR (2013) The Effects of Weather and Climate Change on Dengue. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 7 (11): e2503
  • Schewe, J., Heinke, J., Gerten, D., Haddeland, I., Arnell, N.W., Clark, D.B., Dankers, R., Eisner, S., Fekete, B., Colón-González, FJ., Gosling, S.,N., Kim, H., Liu, X., Masaki, Y, Portmann, F.T., Satoh, Y., Stacke, T., Tang, Q., Wada, Y., Wisser, D., Albrecht, T., Frieler, K., Piontek, F., Warszawski, L., Kabat, P. (2014). Multi-model assessment of water scarcity under climate change. PNAS 111(9):3245-3250
  • Piontek F, Muller C, Pugh TAM, Clark D, Deryng D, Elliott J, Colón-González, FJ,  Florke M, Folberth C, Franssen W, Frieler K , Friend AD, Goslin SN, Hemming D,  Khabarov N, Kim H, Lomas M, Masaki Y, Mengel M , Morse A, Neumann K, Nishina K, Ostberg S, Pavlick R, Ruane AC, Schewe J, Schmid E, Stacke T, Tang Q, Tessler Z, Tompkins AM, Warszawski L, Wisser D, Schellnhuber HJ (2014) Multisectoral climate impact hotspots in a warming world. PNAS 111 (9): 3233-3238
  • Caminade C, Kovats S, Rocklöv J,  Tompkins AM, Morse A, Colón-González, FJ, Stenlund H, Martens P, Lloyd S (2014) Modelling the impact of climate change on malaria: a comparison of global malaria models. PNAS 111 (9): 3286-3291
  • Bouzid M, Colón-González FJ, Lung T, Lake IR, Hunter PR (2014) Climate change and the emergence of vector-borne diseases in Europe: case study of dengue fever. BMC Public Health 14: 781
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E-mail: F.Colon@uea.ac.uk

Postal Address
Tyndall Centre University of East Anglia Norwich Norfolk NR4 7TJ United Kingdom

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