Jenny Lieu

University of Sussex

Current Position
PhD Researcher.

Role at Council
Partner Representative.

Duration of your PhD

Thesis's Supervisor
Dr. Jim Watson.

My Thesis' Abstract
My research analyzes how policy transfer has influenced the development of renewable energy policy in China and examines how the process of lesson learning from other countries has influenced the diffusion of renewable energy technologies using wind power as a case study.
This research aims to provide further insight on China’s renewable energy policy through a theoretical and strategic approach. From a theoretical stance, the study will contribute to deciphering the complex systems involved in policy development by drawing on policy transfer concepts to identify the process and factors influencing the structures of renewable energy policy in China. At a strategic level, the dissertation will provide an additional view to supplement the current method of policy execution through analysing policy transfer at the high level (macro level policies), medium level (specific policy mechanisms) and low level policy (local level incentives and programs). The overall focus is to study the applicability of renewable energy policies primarily from Europe and the United States tto examine the level of effectiveness of the adopted models within China’s renewable energy policy.

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