Javier Delgado Esteban

University of East Anglia

New Media Manager

I am a Biologist, multi award-winning visual artist, photographer and new media designer. Throughout my early professional life in Spain I developed a strong interest in all aspects of photography, moving image, environmental, space sciences and natural history.

With an eclectic background I studied Contemporary Art and Photography and have worked as an editorial photographer and video producer.

I hold a First Class Bsc (Hons) in Biological Imaging and have worked for The EU, AVIVA/Norwich Union, The British Council, The British Library and The Natural History Museum.

Contact information

E-mail: j.delgado-esteban@uea.ac.uk

Blog: www.javier-delgado-esteban.co.uk

Tyndall Centre (HQ) 
Zuckerman Institute for Connective Environmental Research
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
Norwich, NR4 7TJ, UK.