Karen Parkhill

Cardiff University

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Research Fellow

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Research Interests
I am a human geographer and use qualitative methods to examine risk perception and how the public socially construct and engage with environmental and technocratic risks.  Such risks include: energy technologies such as civil nuclear power, renewables or coal with carbon capture and storage; climate change; geoengineering.  I am also interested in how the public engages with/resists notions of low carbon lifestyles and low carbon transitions, including examining how they themselves consume/perceive energy.  The interaction of place, space and context underpins and flows throughout all of these interests.  In addition, I am dedicated to the continued development of innovative qualitative research methods (e.g. episodic narrative interviews and photo elicitation), mixed method and interdisciplinary research.

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E-mail: parkhillk@cardiff.ac.uk

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Psychology, Cardiff University, Park Place, Cardiff CF10 3AT

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