Leonie Dendler

University of Manchester

Current Position
Research Fellow.

Role at Tyndall
Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Manchester and Fudan University.

Research Interests
Institutionalisation of Sustainability related product labelling schemes across different contexts, using theoretical arguments from institutional entrepreneurship and legitimacy literature. 
Current work focusses on the instituionalisation of product labelling schemes in the People's Republic of China, partly to reflect upon the planned implementation of a Chinese carbon labelling scheme. 

Duration of your PhD

Thesis's Supervisor
Paul Dewick, Kevin Anderson

Sustainable Consumption Institute

My Thesis' Abstract
This PhD project investigated the prospects and different visions for an effective implementation of a sustainability ‘meta label' to support ‘more' sustainable consumption and production. Combining theoretical arguments from interdisciplinary informed ideational institutionalism with concepts of legitimacy from the governance and organisational studies literature, the project first investigated how the construction of legitimacy has shaped the institutionalisation of four existing labelling schemes: EU eco-, EU energy-, Fair Trade and Marine Stewardship Council label. The identified causal relations were then used to examine the prospects for the institutionalisation of a legitimised sustainability meta label.

Research areas

Contact information

E-mail: Leonie.Dendler@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

Postal Address
Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR)
The Harold Hankins Building, Room 6.13
Manchester Business School,
Oxford Road,
University of Manchester,
M13 9PL, 
Fudan Tyndall Centre
Fudan University
School of Journalism
Complex Building, Room 407
400 Guoding Road 
200433 Shanghai