Mirjam Roeder

University of Manchester

Current Position
Research Fellow

Role at Tyndall
I'm undertaking research within the EPSRC funded SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub, investigating main sources of carbon uncertainties in different key supply chains. Joining Tyndall Manchester in 2010 I've been a researcher on the SCI's Flagship Project Climate change mitigation and adaptation in the UK food system, exploring the implications of climate change adaptation and mitigation for food supply chains. Additionally,  I've been working on various EPSRC funded projects, assessing emissions from the UK’s chemical industry aiming to identify mitigation options, developing an interdisciplinary theme on food systems and climate change research and consolidating and expanding bioenergy activities within the University of Manchester.

Research Interests
My research interests focus on climate change impacts and adaptation and mitigation strategies for agriculture, food systems and biofuels, implications of land use change, as well as food security, trade and sustainability issues.
Apart from my interest in climate change research I have a strong background in agriculture, development and gender studies. I hold a degree in agricultural sciences from Humboldt University, Berlin. In my PhD at Humboldt University, I examined meal security in urban areas in Central Sudan using a cultural ecological approach which takes environmental, technological, socio-economic, political, social and cultural matters into account and analyses the interactions within a system and between the human being, society and nature.
My research strongly follows interdisciplinary approaches which support the examination of the different facets of problems by taking a whole system views of research questions.
In previous jobs I worked in Hamburg and Berlin as a project manager and consultant in advertising and PR. Customers were internationally leading companies of the agro-