Sally Brown

University of Southampton

Current Position
Research Fellow.

Role at Tyndall
Sally is interested in coastal geomorphology and the impacts of sea-level rise at local and global scales. Since 2008, she has been Research Fellow in the Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering and Science Unit and part of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.
Research Interests

  • Sally researches:
  • Impacts and costs of sea-level rise and climate change (since 2008);
  • Adaptation to sea-level rise and coastal change (since 2008);
  • Physical and human effects of geomorphic change on the coast, and management response (since 2004);
  • Soft cliff morphology and retreat (since 2003);
  • Impacts of coastal structures on adjacent coastlines (since 2003).

Her post-doctoral research has covered the impacts of sea-level rise, globally, European-wide, in Africa, Maldives and Peru, whilst her PhD studies (awarded 2008) on cliff retreat, coastal management and crenulate bay formation focused much more on UK examples.

To assess the impacts of sea-level rise, she uses the Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment (DIVA) model , developed by Robert Nicholls in Southampton and other non-Southampton scientists. DIVA assesses the global and regional vulnerability of sea-level rise and subsequent impacts, such as land loss, people flooded and the associated costs. She is an associate member of theInstitute of Physics and part of the Environmental Physics Group. Sally has also interacted physics and marine science activities through science and engineering busking, such as on the Isle of Wight ferries.

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Phone: +44 (0) 23 8059 4796

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Faculty of Engineering and the Environment and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Southampton,
SO17 1BJ.
United Kingdom

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